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Ray Metzler Brubaker (5 April 1923-1 May 2009), the son of a minister, grew up in a conservative Christian Pennsylvania household where he was forbidden to listen to the radio. Eventually his parents permitted him to listen to religious broadcasts and news programs; this, along with his Christian upbringing, undoubtedly influenced the course of Rev. Brubaker's life. Although clergy had preached over the air since the earliest days of radio, Brubaker took religious broadcasting a step further by discussing current news events and connecting them with his religious message. A great believer in the Second Coming of Christ, Brubaker often interpreted news events to be signs of the Apocalypse. Brubaker's program, God's News Behind the News, first aired in 1954 on a Pennsylvania radio station; during the 1960s he moved his family to St. Petersburg, Florida, and began broadcasting his program from a studio in his house. The popularity of God's News Behind the News grew to the point that it transitioned to a television program in 1974. Aside from the radio/TV broadcast aspect of his ministry, Brubaker also authored several short publications expounding on his beliefs. This collection offers a small representation of Rev. Ray Brubaker's writings, and is composed of thirteen booklets and one pamphlet. Although there are no dates of publication given, references made in the various booklets place the creation of them in the early to late 1970s.



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