Multicultural Day at the Library, November 18, 2014 : Living Books, Diversity Discussion, Bollywood Dancing

Nelson Poynter Memorial Library. Diversity Committee.

Contains photographs, video links, fliers, and descriptive materials about the Living Library, the Mediterranean Luncheon and Diversity Discussion, and the Bollywood Dancing held at and sponsored by the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library on November 18, 2014. Photographs and book covers by Kaya van Beynen. Video link provided by Amanda Smolen. Photo description: Leveziel


Living Book Participants: Carissa Santana, Goliath Davis, Franklin Alves, Frederic Leveziel, Jack Mayer, Julie Wong, Kanika Tomalin, Katee Tully, Larry Grimes, the Reverend Don Gaskin, Salem Solomon, Ricardo Davis, Martine Wagner, Shourya Vellanki.