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Materials in this packet were distributed on the date in the title. Included in this packet were meeting minutes from 14 June 2001 that were approved.

JWB_Meeting_2001_06_14_Minutes.pdf (922 kB)
Meeting minutes

JWB_Meeting_2001_06_28_Minutes_Budget.pdf (251 kB)
Minutes budget

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Agenda.pdf (472 kB)

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIa_action.pdf (926 kB)
Item IIa action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIb_action.pdf (179 kB)
Item IIb action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIc_action.pdf (37 kB)
Item IIc action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IId_action.pdf (138 kB)
Item IId action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIe_action.pdf (83 kB)
Item IIe action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIf_action.pdf (210 kB)
Item IIf action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIg_action.pdf (32 kB)
Item IIg action

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIa1_info.pdf (32 kB)
Item IIIa1 info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIa2_info.pdf (46 kB)
Item IIIa2 info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIa3_info.pdf (34 kB)
Item IIIa3 info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIa4_info.pdf (35 kB)
Item IIIa4 info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIb_info.pdf (24 kB)
Item IIIb info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIc_info.pdf (100 kB)
Item IIIc info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIId_info.pdf (571 kB)
Item IIId info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIe_info.pdf (130 kB)
Item IIIe info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIg_info.pdf (79 kB)
Item IIIg info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIh_info.pdf (100 kB)
Item IIIh info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIi_info.pdf (74 kB)
Item IIIi info

JWB_Meeting_2001_07_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIk_info.pdf (244 kB)
Item IIIk info

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