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Materials in this packet were distributed on the date in the title. Included in this packet were meeting minutes from 11 July 2002 that were approved.

JWB_Meeting_2002_07_11_Minutes.pdf (1773 kB)
Meeting minutes

JWB_Meeting_2002_08_22_Minutes_TRIM.pdf (201 kB)
Minutes TRIM

JWB_Meeting_2002_08_29_Minutes_TRIM2.pdf (209 kB)
Minutes TRIM2

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Agenda.pdf (286 kB)

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIa_action.pdf (644 kB)
Item IIIa action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIb1_action.pdf (679 kB)
Item IIIb1 action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIb2_action.pdf (339 kB)
Item IIIb2 action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIc1_action.pdf (209 kB)
Item IIIc1 action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIc2_action.pdf (75 kB)
Item IIIc2 action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIId_action.pdf (70 kB)
Item IIId action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIe_action.pdf (524 kB)
Item IIIe action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIf_action.pdf (67 kB)
Item IIIf action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIg_action.pdf (24 kB)
Item IIIg action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIh_action.pdf (26 kB)
Item IIIh action

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVa_info.pdf (55 kB)
Item IVa info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVb_info.pdf (31 kB)
Item IVb info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVc_info.pdf (51 kB)
Item IVc info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVd_info.pdf (160 kB)
Item IVd info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVe_info.pdf (28 kB)
Item IVe info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVf_info.pdf (809 kB)
Item IVf info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVh_info.pdf (113 kB)
Item IVh info

JWB_Meeting_2002_09_12_Sup_Mat_Item_IVk_info.pdf (1394 kB)
Item IVk info

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