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Materials in this packet were distributed on the date in the title. Included in this packet were meeting minutes from 12 October 2000 that were approved.

JWB_Meeting_2000_10_12_Minutes.pdf (1169 kB)
Meeting minutes

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Agenda.pdf (290 kB)

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIa_action.pdf (365 kB)
Item IIIa action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIb_action.pdf (246 kB)
Item IIIb action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IIIc_action.pdf (381 kB)
Item IIIc action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IIId_action.pdf (323 kB)
Item IIId action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IVa_action.pdf (444 kB)
Item IVa action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IVb_action.pdf (798 kB)
Item IVb action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IVc_action.pdf (547 kB)
Item IVc action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_IVd_action.pdf (520 kB)
Item IVd action

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Va_info.pdf (479 kB)
Item Va info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vb_info.pdf (146 kB)
Item Vb info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vc_info.pdf (1995 kB)
Item Vc info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vd.pdf (540 kB)
Item Vd

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Ve1_info.pdf (1340 kB)
Item Ve1 info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Ve2_info.pdf (731 kB)
Item Ve2 info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Ve3_info.pdf (983 kB)
Item Ve3 info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Ve4_info.pdf (606 kB)
Item Ve4 info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vf_info.pdf (1718 kB)
Item Vf info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vg_info.pdf (391 kB)
Item Vg info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vh_info.pdf (14 kB)
Item Vh info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vj_info.pdf (25 kB)
Item Vj info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vk_info.pdf (121 kB)
Item Vk info

JWB_Meeting_2000_11_09_Sup_Mat_Item_Vm_info.pdf (18 kB)
Item Vm info

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