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Graphic design collections: Development and assessment within an emerging interdisciplinary field.

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Patricia C. Pettijohn

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Library collection development in support of professional programs in graphic design involves acquisition of materials in all formats and media, with an emphasis on content with high quality visual properties, whether print, digital, or ephemeral. The integral role played by technology and software in graphic design means that meeting the ongoing information technology needs of students and faculty is a challenge. This chapter intends to guide the graphic design librarian in the strategic development of library collections by reviewing the major characteristics of the discipline and literature of graphic design, exploring core resources, genres and formats, and describing the acquisition and organization. An overview of the primary professional organizations in graphic design, along with a brief discussion of accrediting bodies and their requirements is included. Major publishers, content providers, and discovery tools are discussed, and the implications of emerging trends and controversies for collection development are considered.


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