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Sunshine Statements : Curatorial and Historiographical Perspectives of Oral History in the Sunshine State; Opening Up Dialog about Closing Up Shop : Oral History as a Source for Academic Programs Facing Elimination; Remastering Realities, Contextualizing Identity, and Preserving Community : One Institution's Foray into Oral History

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Materials here were shared in a panel entitled, "Varsity Voices: Problems and Prospects of Oral History in Academe" that was held at the 2013 Southwest Oral History Association Conference, during that organization's annual meeting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The conference ran from April 4 through April 6. This session took place on April 6. Vicki Rosser served as panel chair. Susan Donoff delivered a paper entitled "Opening Up Dialog about Closing Up Shop." An excerpt of this paper is included. Alexandra Curran and Kimberly Nordon submitted a video presentation entitled "Remastering Realities, Contextualizing Identity, and Preserving Community" that was shown at the conference. An abstract regarding their research appears in this record. Jim Schnur discussed "Sunshine Statements" and a full-text version of his lecture and an accompanying PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation are included.

SOHA_2013_Program_Excerpt.pdf (422 kB)
Excerpt of annual meeting program

Donoff_Opening_Up_Dialog_about_Closing_Up_Shop_Abstract_Dissertation_Info.pdf (96 kB)
Abstract of presentation

Curran_Alexandra_and_Nordon_Kimberly_USF_Oral_History.pdf (59 kB)
Abstract of presentation

Varsity_Voices _Panel_Session_Powerpoint.pdf (5016 kB)
PowerPoint presentation in PDF format