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Book Chapter

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February 2013

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February 2013


This book chapter and a separate article originated from a seminar paper written by the author in graduate school at USF. The book chapter evaluates the challenges that African Americans had to confront in segregated Florida during the Second World War. The chapter also discusses how these events shaped the growing demands for civil rights in the postwar years. The original paper won the Florida Historical Society's LeRoy Collins Prize for best graduate essay in Florida History. Also included in this file are publicity materials about a lecture Schnur offered on this topic at a Student Forum for the USFSP Campus Lecture Series on 20 January 1993, at the annual meeting of the Florida Historical Society in Pensacola on 21 May 1993, and a copy of the speech transcript that includes additional information edited from the book chapter.


St. Leo College Press

Schnur_James_Persevering_USFSP_Lecture.pdf (3648 kB)
Transcript of lecture at USFSP

Schnur_James_Persevering_USFSP.pdf (639 kB)
Lecture publicity for USFSP

Schnur_James_Persevering_FHS_Pensacola.pdf (528 kB)
Lecture publicity for the Florida Historical Society