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May 2013

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May 2013


Paper written by Schnur for a research project with Gary R. Mormino that received the 1989 President's Prize (later renamed the Carolyn Mays Brevard Award for best undergraduate in Florida history) from the Florida Historical Society. Also included is information about the award; correspondence relating to the award; publicity; and materials about Schnur offering public programs on LeRoy Collins at USFSP on 18 April 1990 for the Campus Lecture Series and on 22 June 1991 at the Grace Allen Room, Special Collections, USF Tampa Library, for the First Annual LeRoy Collins Memorial Lecture, co-sponsored by the Tampa Historical Society and the Florida Historical Society.

Schnur_James_Presidents_Prize.pdf (529 kB)
Award announcement

Schnur_James_Presidents_Prize1.pdf (841 kB)
Award publicity

Schnur_James_Presidents_Prize2.pdf (913 kB)
Lecture publicity

Schnur_James_USF_Oracle_Article.pdf (406 kB)
Campus newspaper article

Schnur_LeRoy_Collins_Memorial_Lecture_1991.pdf (1007 kB)
Lecture publicity