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April 2012

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April 2012


John Howard's anthology, published by New York University Press in 1997, offered one of the first substantial monographs that examined the history of gays and lesbians in the American South. Chapters examined various time periods and geographical regions. Schnur's chapter focused on the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, also known as the Johns Committee. This interim committee of the state legislature conducted a number of witch hunts that targeted perceived communists, socialists, advocates of integration, and homosexuals. This chapter was edited and revised from Schnur's 1995 M.A. thesis in history at the University of South Florida.


Copyright (c), New York University Press. The author has received permission to place a copy of this article in his digital archive by the copyright holder. The original document appeared in this source: Schnur, James A. "Closet Crusaders: The Johns Committee and Homophobia." In Carryin' On in the Lesbian and Gay South, ed. by John Howard. New York: New York University Press,1997.


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