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A guide to the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute archive

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December 1996

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December 1996


The Institute Archive is a distinct special collection that preserves the institutional history of the Institute, the publications and scholarship of its faculty and staff, and ephemeral items that have enduring historical value, including materials dealing with the history of mental health in Florida. The author originally completed this guide using a DOS-based version of the ProCite bibliographic management software.


168 p.


[Louis de la Parte] Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida

Schnur_James_FMHI_Archives_Guide_part_1.pdf (60 kB)
Title page, front matter, and table of contents

Schnur_James_FMHI_Archives_Guide_part_3.pdf (413 kB)
Chapter 2: Bibliography through B

Schnur_James_FMHI_Archives_Guide_part_4.pdf (571 kB)
Chapter 2: Bibliography through Florida state govt.

Schnur_James_FMHI_Archives_Guide_part_5.pdf (751 kB)
Chapter 2: Bibliography through FMHI as an institution

Schnur_James_FMHI_Archives_Guide_part_6.pdf (1432 kB)
Chapter 2: Bibliography through FMHI as partering entity, co-publisher

Schnur_James_FMHI_Archives_Guide_part_7.pdf (1375 kB)
Chapter 2: Bibliography through Z