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The center of this ethnodrama is a brief dialogue voiced by an African-American, National Board Certified teacher, where she shared the advice the African American principal in her previous school gave her about her classroom’s many special needs students. “It’s one of those schools where, like, if your heart is not in it, your kids are going to feel it. And then, she also gets awesome teachers, but our principal knows how to make them go away! Like I did. I stayed there for two years, and it was just like, you have to believe in your kids. You know, you have to believe. But if you don’t believe, and if you tell your teachers, ‘Don’t worry about it, because they are only going to steal your cars.’ Then.” Our performance will use verbatim transcriptions to communicate the poetry and commitment (Denzin, 2001, Hankins, 1998) of life in school.


The original juried symposium proposal for the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI)performance; posters and programs from ICQI 2013 and Qualitative Report Conference 2014.

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They are Only Going to Steal Your Cars_Poster_FNL.pdf (83 kB)
Poster for ICQI 2013

They are Only Going to Steal Your Cars_Program_pdf.pdf (183 kB)
Program for the ICQI 2013 Performance

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