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Vanover, C. & Babson, A. (2014). Goodbye to All That! : A Teacher’s Last Year in the Classroom. Juried performance for the 35th Annual Ethnography in Education Forum, University of Pennsylvania. Performance by Alexandra Miletta, Mercy College, Brandi Slider Weekley, West Virginia University & Charna Lacey, Saint Mary’s Public Schools. Score and musical performance by Andrew Babson, University of Pennsylvania. Written and Directed by Charles Vanover, University of South Florida Saint Petersburg. March 1, 2014, 4:30-5:15 pm Room 121 GSE

This session uses verbatim theatre techniques (Favorini, 1995; Saldaña, 2011) to expand stories from four narrative interviews shared by an accomplished, middle school teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. These stories were spoken the summer after the teacher’s tenth year and describe students she cared for and the challenges of her work. Audience members are given excerpts from the verbatim texts that make up the playscript when they walk in the door, and they are asked to use this material to discuss the show’s guiding question before and after the performance: “Can a teacher care too much and instruct too deeply?”


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Goodbye to All That_PENN_PROGRAM-1.pdf (636 kB)
Poster for the Asian Arts Initative Performance 4/5/2014

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