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Using technology equipment to teach chemistry laboratory exercises in community colleges (Session 2386).

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Kathleen Carvalho-Knighton

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The drive to attract students into science and technology careers at all levels has led to creative programs and efforts across the country. At Hillsborough Community College in Tampa Florida, a new associate in science manufacturing technology degree program focused on high tech manufacturing processes and skills has been developed. The lab facilities include a high-end vacuum technology and systems laboratory. Training on the new equipment was offered to both the technology and science faculty members across the state as part of an NSF ATE grant. As a result of this vacuum system training, science faculty worked with technical faculty to develop several laboratory activities for general college chemistry and organic chemistry laboratories using the vacuum systems. Multiple stations allow the chemistry students to work in small groups as in any traditional chemistry laboratory. Student exposure with multiple chemistry experiments using the vacuum training equipment will provide reinforcement and comfort with the seemingly complicated equipment. The objective of the chemistry activities in the vacuum laboratory are to familiarize students with practical and real-life applications of the chemistry they learn in a pure science class in industrial type settings and to peak their interest in science and technology career paths. An overview of the chemistry demonstrations and experiments using the vacuum technology equipment will be provided in addition to the science student impressions to these alternative laboratories.


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