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This study develops and documents a new methodology that uses the Lexile Framework[R] for Reading to determine the proportion of grade 11 Texas public school students whose scores on the exit-level Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills for English language arts and reading (TAKS-ELAR) or the TAKS-ELAR Accommodated indicate the ability to read and comprehend textbooks used in entry-level (freshman) English courses in the University of Texas system. The findings show that at the 75 percent comprehension level, 51 percent of students can read 95 percent of first-year English textbooks used in entry-level classes in the University of Texas system, 80 percent can read 50 percent of the textbooks, and 9 percent can read no more than 5 percent of the textbooks. The study demonstrates that the methodology developed and documented in this report can be applied in a real-world context. Providing policymakers with information about the proportion of high school students who are prepared to read entry-level college material at the University of Texas system can help policymakers evaluate and understand the effectiveness of efforts to align high school curriculum and instruction with requirements for postsecondary success.


ERIC document: ED513585. For full access, check with your local library or request it on interlibrary loan. Full-text of report may be available through the link.


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