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Unraveling Victim-Offender Overlap:Exploring Profiles and Constellations of Risk

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Joan A Reid

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January 2012


Victim-offenders are generally considered a distinct group with one or more shared characteristics; however, some have suggested possible victim-offender subgroups with varied victimization-offending patterns. The potential for victim- offender subgroups was assessed within a nationally representative sample of 1,000 youth using latent class analysis. Regression of relevant covariates on analytically derived subgroups allowed for further identification of the nature of these groups. Three victim-offender types emerged: the general victim-offender class linked extensive victimization and offending by acutely angry and anxious youth from extremely strained families; the bullied-combative class linked being bullied with peer assault by younger, emotionally vulnerable youth; and the abused-substance use class linked child maltreatment and sexual violence with substantial substance use by poorly supervised, angry, and anxious youth.