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Moving from novice to expert teacher: Turning your craft into art

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Anthony Stamatoplos

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May 2015

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July 2015


The term craft normally refers to skills that one learns and fine-tunes over time through practice. In framing teaching as craft, we naturally focus on skills and practices, and consider how we develop and apply them. But good teaching consists of more than practicing skills—it is an art. Expertise and art become intertwined. This session examined what expert teacher means in the context of academic librarianship, and explored how librarian-teachers develop their expertise. It addressed obstacles and opportunities librarians face in progressing from novice to expert in their teaching. It also explored challenges and benefits of transforming a craft of teaching into an art of teaching, and of embracing a professional teacher identity. Two models, one of skill acquisition and the other of teaching-as-art, framed the discussion. This framework guided participants as they explored the concept of expert teacher and considered strategies for transforming their own practice into more meaningful and fulfilling teaching—teaching as an art.


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