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Enhancing creativity in your teaching: A practical, improv-based approach to thinking on your feet

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Anthony Stamatoplos

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January 2012

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December 2013


Like other teachers, instructional librarians must create and foster interactive and engaging learning environments. Doing so, they must be prepared to respond to unforeseen needs and teachable moments as they arise. Good teaching is an art that calls for creative approaches. By learning and building on skills associated with creativity and creative teaching, librarians can improve their teaching. Skilled teachers readily improvise in the classroom, increasing their flexibility, responsiveness, and effectiveness. Contrary to some misconceptions, improvisation is not only a strategy to fall back on when planned strategies fail. Improvisation is valuable part of teaching that enhances the classroom experience for teachers and students alike. Librarians can enhance creativity in teaching and learning by planning for and purposefully incorporating improvisation in the classroom. The purpose of this workshop was to help participants enhance creativity in their teaching by learning and applying the skills of improvisation.


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