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Sediment accumulation rates along the inner eastern Brazilian continental shelf.

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Joseph M. Smoak

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January 1999

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January 2012


Box cores were collected close to river mouths along the eastern Brazilian shelf at water depths of 10-30 m. One core was taken from more than 1000 m depth at the shelf slope. 210Pb and 226Ra activities were measured to establish sediment accumulation rates. Seven of the 10 cores exhibited an exponential decrease with depth of excess 210Pb activities. The sediments from the sheltered Sudeste Channel off Caravelas revealed the highest sediment accumulation rate of 0.81 cm yr-1. The sediments at the shelf slope seaward of the Rio Doce revealed the lowest accumulation rate of 0.13 cm yr-1. Sediment accumulation rates increased towards the Caravelas Bank. Current patterns and the morphology of the seabed favor sediment deposition in this area.


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