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A historical evaluation of anthropogenic impact in coastal ecosystems by geochemical signatures.

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Joseph M. Smoak

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January 2011

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January 2012


Anthropogenic activities in Brazilian coastal areas were successfully used as a support for 210Pb dating (Guarapina Lagoon, Marambaia Sound and data previously published on Guaratuba Bay). The calculated 210Pb sedimentation rates were 1.4 ± 0.27, 6.1 ± 0.54 and 4.7 ± 0.21 mm/year, respectively. In the Guarapina Lagoon, an increase in the organic matter concentration was well correlated with a construction of an artificial channel in the 1950’s. In Marambaia Sound, temporal changes in grain-size and heavy metal concentrations corresponded to hydrological diversions in the 1950’s and the beginning of industrial activities since the 1960’s. In Guaratuba Bay, a 1963 137Cs fallout peak was found and Hg fluxes throughout the sediment profile that were correlated with human activities within the drainage basin, such as building of reservoirs and intensification of agricultural practices since the 1960’s.


Abstract only. Full-text article is available only through licensed access provided by the publisher. Published in Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society, 22(1), 120-125.




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