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A Critical Media Literacy Analysis of Rural Representations in Zootopia

Jill Bindewald

This presentation takes a critical media literacy approach to analyze representations of rurality in the movie Zootopia, conceptualizing a pedological tool for critical media literacy.

Advancing Critical & Creative Thinking Skills in Foundry-Guided Courses

Andrea Arce-Trigatti
Stephanie Jorgensen
J. Robby Sanders
Pedro E. Arce

This contribution features activities implemented in Foundry-guided Chemical Engineering courses as a part of a curricular redesign to foster students’ critical and creative thinking skills.

Creating the Critical Thinker: The whys and hows

Jesse Strong
Deanna Bullard, Ph.D

We will explore how you can create learning rooted in critical thinking, and provide classroom experiences illustrating how these techniques are essential in modern learning environments.

Creative Confidence Mapping: Inclusive, Authentic, Reflective Assessment

Helen Douglass

Creative Confidence Mapping includes all students and their experiences. This reflective activity scaffolds critical thinking and expression related to identity as a creative problem solver.

Creative Techniques to Improve Academic Integrity

Patricia Clayton-LeVasseur

Academic integrity is difficult to control in the online/remote environment. However, with creative strategies and student engagement, it can be achieved.

Critical Evaluation in the Classroom: Course design that targets critical thinking

Elizabeth Lisic

Discussion of a course developed to improve critical evaluation of information that led to significant gains in critical thinking as measured by the Critical-thinking Assessment Test (CAT)

Data-mining First Year Compositions for Critical Thinking

Morgan Gresham
Alaina Tackitt

We will describe our experience using the QDA data mining tool to acquire, extract, and analyze first-year students' writing for markers indicating critical thinking.

Engaging Faculty in the Assessment and Improvement of Critical Thinking

Kevin Harris

The Critical-thinking Assessment Test (CAT) provides a valid and reliable means for colleges and universities to assess student performance and engage faculty in improvement efforts.

Engaging Students with Focused Reading Responses and Commenting

Laura Kane

This method effectively motivates students to read and engage with assigned readings, and it's versatile! It works well in F2F and online teaching environments.

Hands-on Practice without being Hands-on: Engaging Students Virtually

Michelle Sawtelle
Hazel Anderson

A first look at a novel tool for healthcare educators to facilitate hands-on practice in a virtual setting using self-fabricated models from ordinary household equipment.

Investigating students' systems and critical thinking of ecological food webs

Christopher Grissett
Luanna Prevost

Systems thinking, a component of critical thinking, consists of dynamic and cyclic thinking skills that students can develop and utilize in various STEM fields.

Learning to Understand Patients Through Multifaceted Narratives

Carter Hardy

Learn how critical engagement with various aspects of patient narratives in medical education can help normalize different bodies and experiences, while simultaneously improving emotional engagement.

New Beginnings - An Interactive Graphic Novel for English Language Learners

Adriana Vianna
Erika Petersen

New Beginnings - a creative and interactive Graphic Novel to teach abbreviations for Adult English Language Learners.

Novice utilization of a double robot to promote critical thinking.

Bonnie Rogulj
Mechelle Roy
Megan Dickerson

Utilization of a double robot during a simulated telehealth session, allows novice Doctor of Physical Therapy Students perform critical thinking to reduce risk and expenditures.

Silver Linings: Teaching Online Primary Research Methods During a Pandemic

R.J. Lambert
Jonina Anderson-Lopez

For use in remote or classroom instruction, this brief teaching presentation introduces creative online activities where students gain primary research competencies and fulfill critical thinking outcomes.

Teaching Creativity in the HyFlex Environment

Morgan Gresham
Cynthia Patterson

This presentation will detail the process for guiding students through both creative, multimodal project and the process for organizing and completing creative group projects.

Teaching Critical Thinking in a Remote Classroom

Ronda Sturgill
Lina Gomez-Vasquez
Suzanne Ensmann
Aimee Whiteside

This presentation will discuss how faculty taught critical thinking activities in a remote classroom. Examples of learning technologies, challenges, and lessons learned will be presented.

The Creative Gamer: Creativity and Creative Problem Solving in Video Games

Csaba Osvath
Erica Newport

Video games are powerful mediums to cultivate critical problem-solving skills. They facilitate the development of these skills (without a teacher) through game design and gameplay.

The invisible syntax of implicitness in natural languages and mathematics.

Dr. Gene Klein

Mathematics and its Grammar (MIG) is an intervention designed to improve students' achievement in developmental mathematics, and increase their meta-cognitive understanding of their language.

The superiority of independent learning objects in online learning

Christopher Martinez

Before and since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the independent learning object has shown itself as the superior method for teaching online.